BPi prime beef

Product Description

Since the beginning of all times, man has feasted on the raw power of the beast to fuel his primordial need for mass, strength, power and evolution. Times change every day, but man’s relationship with beef endures forever. After much exhaustive and long research BPI Sports has engineered the future of meat-based sports nutrition supplements: Prime Beef Filtered from premium beef hydrolysate, each serving delivers 25 grams of pure beef protein.

The muscle building power of beef with higher amino acid levels than all other protein sources used in supplements, including whey, soy, milk and egg. Prime Beef Protein Isolate is even 350% more concentrated than the steak and increases anabolic muscle building free of fat and cholesterol.

Providing a high-quality, 98% isolate protein, Bpi Sports Beef Protein is able to deliver a complete amino acid profile, including BCAAs and glutamine, plus a clinical dose of creatine to build more lean muscle, increase strength, and enhance performance.