Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Cuts

Product Description

Last year we voted Iron Cuts as being the best fat burning supplement for men bar none; this product may have fallen considerably in our fat burner rankings but anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name on it is almost sure to deliver the goods – this is certainly no exception. 

  • Includes Chromium to help your body more effectively manage insulin levels
  • Vitamin D is included to bolster your immune system and assist fat mobilisation
  • Includes a range of glucose disposal agents to encourage effective nutrient partitioning
  • Provides Green Tea Extract and Caffeine for a thermogenic one-two punch
  • Also includes herbal ingredients to reduce Estrogen and Cortisol production

Arnie has obviously prepared for his fair share of bodybuilding competitions and is therefore no stranger to extreme diets, take a leaf out of his book with this range of intelligently selected ingredients to make your own fat loss efforts more successful.