Hexacore oxy1

Hexacore oxy1

  • Fast acting Weight loss
  • Clean energy and mental focus
  • Increase Fat Metabolism
  • Complete Appetite Control
  • Oxy1 contains key weight loss ingredients backed by scientific data gathered from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-competitors-controlled study.
Our Score9.9
Hexacore Oxy 2

Hexacore Oxy 2 Dry Definition

  • Extreme formula for extreme muscle definition.
  • Formula with natural ingredients, extremely effective diuretic effect.
  • Ideal for a fast and efficient water loss.
  • Excellent results in men and women.
Our Score8.5
Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

  • Includes Green Coffee Extract for proven fat burning
  • Includes Theobromine extracted from cocoa beans
  • Yohimbe Extract specifically promotes fat mobilisation from cells
  • Also a potent source of Caffeine to boost your mental focus
  • Available in bottles containing 100 and 180 capsules
Our Score8.2
RSP Nutrition QuadraLean

RSP Nutrition QuadraLean

  • Contains no caffeine or stimulants of any kind
  • Contains three types of L-carnitine to facilitate fat burning
  • Includes the scientifically proven herbal extract of Garcinia Cambogia
  • Also includes a Raspberry Ketones for nearly unrivalled thermogenic benefits
Our Score8.0
BSN HyperShred

BSN HyperShred

  • Available in bottles containing 90 capsules
  • Also available in bottles containing 10 capsules for first-time users
  • Includes Red and Black Pepper Extract to facilitate ingredient absorption
  • Chromium is included to promote enhanced insulin sensitivity
  • Includes a range of nootropic ingredients to enhance mental clarity and focus
Our Score 7.8

USPLabs EpiBurn Pro

  • Provides a proprietary thermogenic formula
  • Combines a range of natural herbal ingredients to boost fat loss
  • One serving equals one capsule for convenience
  • Includes the scientifically proven Coleus Forskohlii
Our Score7.7

Beast 2 Shredded

  • Helps to keep your appetite under control
  • Includes caffeine to give you the energy you need
  • Reap the thermogenic effects of Green Tea Extract
  • Chromium improves your body’s ability to metabolise carbohydrates
  • Includes Salicin extracted from White Willow Bark to enhance ingredient efficacy
Our Score7.5
BSN Creatine DNA

Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Cuts

  • Includes Chromium to help your body more effectively manage insulin levels
  • Vitamin D is included to bolster your immune system and assist fat mobilisation
  • Includes a range of glucose disposal agents to encourage effective nutrient partitioning
  • Provides Green Tea Extract and Caffeine for a thermogenic one-two punch
Our Score 7.3
Nutrex Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate

Nutrex Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate

  • Available in bottles containing 60 capsules
  • Also available in bottles containing 10 capsules for first-time users
  • Includes Yohimbine HCL to enhance fat mobilisation
  • Includes the cocoa extract Theobromine for additional thermogenic benefits
  • Additional Caffeine will give you the gusto to make it through extreme dieting
Our Score6.8
MusclePharm CLA Core

MusclePharm CLA Core

  • Available in 90 and 180 capsule bottles
  • Includes Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Avocado Oil for additional health benefits
  • Provides an inexpensive way of adding extra CLA to your diet
  • Increases metabolic rate
  • Assists in the fat burning process
Our Score6.3