TestoFuel Testosterone Booster

TestoFuel Testosterone Booster

  • Contains a range of potent herbal extracts including Fenugreek and Ginseng
  • Includes Vitamin D to provide unparalleled immune support
  • Offers a combination of Zinc and Magnesium for enhanced testosterone production
  • DAA cuts to reduce your body’s estrogen production
  • Available with a range of generous discounts direct from the manufacturer
Our Score10
Cellucor COR-Performance ZMA

Cellucor COR-Performance ZMA

  • Just the right amount of the world-famous ZMA formula
  • Enhances testosterone production while improving your quality of sleep
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract is also included to boost testosterone levels
  • Contains Melatonin to ensure great quality sleep every night
  • Available in bottles containing 120 capsules
Our Score9.7
Universal Nutrition Animal Test

Universal Nutrition Animal Test

  • Each package contains 21 individually wrapped packs
  • Includes Cissus Quadrangularisfor androgenic and joint health benefits
  • Contains Yohimbe Extract to enhance fat burning
  • Provides a potent range of plant and herbal extracts with far-reaching benefits
  • Includes Black Pepper Extract to improve nutrient absorption
Our Score9.4
MuscleTech TEST HD

MuscleTech TEST HD

  • Stinging Nettle Extract helps to support testosterone output in men
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract is also included to bolster hormone levels
  • Includes Zinc and Calcium for every day sexual and hormonal health
  • Available in bottles containing 90 capsules
  • Brought to you by one of the world’s most popular supplement brands
Our Score 8.8


  • Contains Tribulus Terrestris extract for optimal hormonal support
  • Deer Antler Velvet contains IGF-1 growth hormone
  • Includes Coleus Forskohlii to enhance the fat burning process
  • Also includes Black Pepper Extract to enhance nutrient absorption
  • Also provides Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, and many other vital nutrients
Our Score8.6
BPI Sports A-HD

BPI Sports A-HD

  • Available in both capsule form and as a powder
  • Powdered variety comes in a delicious Blue Raspberry flavour
  • Contains Niacin for hormonal and neural support
  • Includes the Phytochemical Complex Blend for additional benefits
  • Also includes Flax and Ginger extracts
Our Score7.9
PharmaFreak TEST FREAK

PharmaFreak TEST FREAK

  • Includes extracts of Fenugreek and Tribulus Terrestris for natural hormonal support
  • Contains Zinc and Magnesium for reliable testosterone enhancement
  • Contains Resveratrol to keep your estrogen levels under control
  • Available in packages containing 28 and 120 capsules
  • Also contains Stinging Nettle Extract for additional hormonal benefits
Our Score7.7
Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush

Betancourt Nutrition Bullnox Androrush

  • Available in seven tasty flavours
  • Formulated to provide testosterone support during intense workouts
  • Includes a range of ingredients to enhance pumps
  • Contains BCAA to stimulate muscle protein synthesis
  • Available in packages containing 35 servings
Our Score7.5
MusclePharm Z-Core PM

MusclePharm Z-Core PM

  • Designed to facilitate high-quality sleep
  • Provides Zinc and Magnesium to support test production
  • Includes extracts of Fenugreek for natural hormonal support
  • Provides 3 mg of Melatonin per serving
  • Available in bottles providing 60 capsules
Our Score7.3
Beast Nutrition Super Test

Beast Nutrition Super Test

  • Includes Zinc and Magnesium to naturally enhance testosterone levels
  • Contains Tribulus Terrestris extract for ongoing hormonal support
  • Milk Thistle Extract helps to support liver health
  • Also includes the Anabolic Testosterone Support Complex with a variety of plant extracts
  • Available in bottles containing 180 capsules
Our Score7.0